Joshua and hollie dating american idol

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Look at Tyler—he’s straight but has played around with gender and sexuality for most of his career.

In his defense Ledet is only 20, and reaching a national platform for the first time.

Ledet’s one of the show’s strongest singers in many seasons—perhaps even the”past 50 years,” as J-Lo opined—but he kind of pings the gaydar pretty hard.

No one’s obligated to come out—and he may not even be gay—but a real entertainer can’t be so tense about their sexuality, no matter what it is.

Colton and Skylar are not dating.""They're just married," offers Ledet. In reality, we know the two aren't dating, but it is pretty funny to see how they handle all the rumors and questions, and we love that they're not uptight about it.

In fact, if anyone had a right to be annoyed by all this back and forth, it seems it would be Laine's boyfriend of three years, 20-year-old Joseph Dominick.

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72) 71) Lil Rounds70) 69) Sonika Vaid68) 67) Anoop Desai66) Danny Gokey65) 64) 63) 62) Matt Giraud61) Siobhan Magnus60) 59) Jess Meuse58) Erika Van Pelt57) Gina Glocksen56) 55) Quentin Alexander54) Joey Cook53) 52) 51) Alex Preston50) Elise Testone49) 48) Lee De Wyze47) Trent Harmon46) Skylar Laine45) Sarina Joi Crowe44) Jax43) Olivia Rox42) 41) Crystal Bowersox40) Nick Fradiani39) Didi Benami38) Clark Beckham37) 36) 35) Kree Harrison34) Joshua Ledet33) Candice Glover32) 31) Allison Iraheta30) 29) 28) 27) 26) 25) 24) La' Porsha Renae23) Phillip Phillips22) Jena Irene21) Blake Lewis20) Melinda Doolittle19) Dalton Rapattoni18) Jordin Sparks17) Janelle Arthur16) Angie Miller15) 14) Kris Allen13) 12) Colton Dixon11) 10) Megan Joy9) Hollie Cavanagh8) 7) 6) 5)4) 3) 2) Adam Lambert1)im guessing its 11 ...which i thought was good(although it couldve been better if the first girl and first guy to leave (aka imo the best two contestsnts that season) weren't the first guy or girl to leave and stayed for a whilealthough some people could say it was s12 considering some people thought phillip was part of the kristy lee cook thing too..which i also thought was prett good This is probably controversial but American Idol Season 11 has to be my least favorite season. It is due to the awful placings of many contestants who I thought deserved to go a lot further than they did on the show.

I will start off with my Redo and then head to my rankings. Reed Grimm - Moves Like Jagger Adam Brock - Think De Andre Brackensick - Reasons Colton Dixon - Decode Jeremy Rosado - Gravity Aaron Marcellus - Never Can Say Goodbye Chase Likens - Storm Warning Creighton Fraker - True Colors Phillip Phillips - In The Air Tonight Eben Franckewitz - Set Fire To The Rain Heejun Han - Angels Joshua Ledet - You Pulled Me Through Jermaine Jones - Dance With My Father Listening back dear Lord these guys were underwhelming.

The newest single, “Can’t Say Goodbye,” is country through and through.

If you’ve been looking for it in stores or on i Tunes, no, you did not miss a new album from Josh Gracin. The first, “Long Way to Go,” strayed a bit from the country sound we’re used to hearing from Josh.

In the meantime, Josh has released another single, his second this summer.

But even he seems to be laid-back about the whole thing, cheering for his girlfriend and letting her enjoy her time on the show.“She texted me after the show and told me she missed me and couldn’t wait to see me,” Dominick said in an interview a couple weeks ago.

“I’m happy because she’s happy.” Though he said he doesn't have the money to fly out to California to see his girl perform live, Dominick is holding down the fort back home, hanging signs and getting people excited about her career.“I really don’t care about going to the show or any of that stuff," he said.

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